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Unrivaled Zirconium Dental Implants in Scottsdale, AZ

Discover Zirconia Crowns at S&C Dental

Have you lost a tooth and wondered which material is the best for long-term sustainability and durability? Selecting the right material is essential. Zirconia dental implants have been used worldwide for their outstanding durability and unrivaled biocompatibility. S&C Dental in Scottsdale, AZ, utilizes zirconium dental implants because they fuse well with jawbones while providing long-term results. Our experienced dentists are trained in all restoration options and will recommend the best option to fit your needs. To learn more about zirconia implants and their benefits, reach out to our office.

What is a Zirconia Crown?

Zirconia is a chemically derived material for zircon. Zirconium and zirconia are the same material, but zirconium is a metal, but when oxidized, it turns into zirconia, a ceramic material. Due to its transitional status, zirconia combines metal’s durability and strength with ceramic’s heat-resistant benefits. These benefits make zirconia an ideal material for dental implants. Further, it’s bioinert, which ensures it will never trigger chemical reactions or corrode. This makes it a perfect non-metallic alternative to titanium.

The Female smiling with zirconium artificial teeth at Scottsdale, AZ

Which Is Better, Titanium or Zirconia Implants?

While titanium implants are the most common implant among dental practices throughout Arizona, it doesn’t mean they’re the ideal choice available. Titanium is known for its reliable durability and high levels of biocompatibility. Zirconia implants may not be as durable as titanium. Still, they’re perfect for patients hesitant to place metal into their bodies. When compared side by side, zirconia implants have improved soft-tissue response and provide a more natural look than titanium. On the other side, titanium has been the go-to implant since the 1960s for its efficiency, ease of care, and long lifespan. If you’re unsure which option is best for you, don’t worry. We’ll work with you to decide which material is best for your situation.

Explore the Advantages of Zirconia Implants

There are several benefits to zirconia implants beyond strength and durability. Zirconia implants can seamlessly fuse with a patient’s jawbone, which improves bite strength and comfort. To help you make the best decision, we’ve put together a list of some of the most significant benefits of zirconia implants, including:

  • Affordability – Zirconia implants cost less than other implant materials. They’re an excellent choice for patients who want multiple implants.
  • Hypoallergenic Implants – If you’re a patient with an allergy to titanium or fear you may develop an allergy, then zirconia implants are for you. Zirconia is a hypoallergic material, meaning patients won’t develop side effects after surgery.
  • Corrosion Resistant – Due to zirconia being bioinert, it’s corrosion resistant. Titanium is also corrosive resistant, but certain kinds of toothpaste can cause titanium to corrode faster.
  • Strong Implants – Zirconia implants are durable and inflexible while under pressure. Your teeth need to withstand pressure, especially while eating.
  • Better Bone Integration – How well an implant bond with bone determines whether or not an implant was successful. Zirconia has a proven track record of successful integration, which means the soft tissue around the implant is happier and heals quicker.
  • Reduced Plaque Buildup – Ceramic is a smooth material, meaning plaque has difficulty holding on without crevices. Further, this material has a non-polar structure, so bacteria are less likely to adhere. Research has proven that zirconium implants often lead to cleaner and healthier oral health.
  • Aesthetic Advantage – With titanium, it’s not uncommon to find discoloration near the gumline. The silver coloring of the implant discolors your gums, meaning it’s visible, especially if your implant is in your smile zone. Zirconia’s white appearance ensures you never have this issue.
Schedule the Natural Restorative Choice

If you’ve been looking for a natural alternative to traditional restoration materials, our zirconia implants are for you. Our zirconia crowns and implants are durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear from grinding, clenching, and chewing. Additionally, zirconia resembles the natural color of teeth. Our team uses this material because it offers a high success rate and minimal chance of an allergic reaction. Everyone at S&C Dental is dedicated to giving you the smile you deserve. Call us today to learn more about our zirconia implants.