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Our Patient-Focused Approach to Dental Extraction

At S&C Dental, we will take every measure necessary to preserve the health of every tooth. Sometimes, though, the level of damage to the tooth has reached a critical point where it is beyond preservation measures like deep cleanings and root canals. In these instances, the goal becomes to alleviate pain and discomfort, but also to prevent the affected tooth from damaging the rest of your mouth with infection. The tooth may be discolored, loose, or so affected by cavities that it is no longer feasible to try and save it. In these instances, a tooth extraction procedure might be the only course of action.

Understanding this, our plan shifts to make this process as simple as possible. We understand that getting a tooth pulled out is never going to be a fun day, but we can still take every step to avoid causing you any further discomfort than is necessary.

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Woman holding tooth that was extracted

Contact Us Today About Tooth Extraction

Having a tooth extracted can be a scary process, but waiting is usually the wrong course of action when it comes to your oral health. If you’re considering a tooth extraction, it probably means you’ve already been dealing with an affected tooth for some time. We recommend you contact us about a consultation regarding your problematic tooth, so we can remove the tooth cleanly and professionally.




The Tooth Extraction Process

We provide a thorough examination of the affected tooth and surrounding tissue, including x-rays, before proceeding to make sure the tooth can be safely extracted without causing further harm. This includes the expected results of tooth extraction on the remainder of the teeth. We understand that back tooth removal is less of an obstacle than certain others, so we will advise accordingly. We also have procedures in place to help restore your smile in the event that multiple teeth need to be removed.

During the procedure, a local anesthetic numbs the area around the tooth to prevent pain. An incision is usually made on the gum line so the tooth can be extracted cleanly without rupturing the tissue. Pain during the procedure is minimal, if at all, though patients usually experience the pressure of having their teeth extracted.

After the procedure, we’ll provide you with a detailed list of after-care actions to keep the area clean, prevent infection, and manage the pain. We’ll walk you through any dietary restrictions and upkeep procedures, so you can return to a normal life free of the problematic tooth.

Post-Extraction Options

If you are concerned about the impact of extractions on your smile and your ability to chew, know that we also provide smile restoration services that can fix gaps, entire arcs, and even scenarios where all teeth have been extracted or fallen out:






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